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‘Don’t enter that pot hole,’ I told myself as I drove back from dropping my boys off at their school. It will take an average of about twenty minutes to drive to and fro. And I am willing to do this for as many times as I have to; as a token of my contribution to their development. This I do out of commitment and not out of convenience.

Some may have to drive more than I do and the main motivation will be commitment of some sort.

Why would we be willing to skip several schools much closer to our houses just to get to some school way much further? Why am I doing willing to do this daily? Commitment based on value, or if you wish value based commitment.

Our values should drive our commitments. Our commitments are also pointers to our values. What we are willing to make out time for are our real commitments.

When you show up at a Sunday or midweek service (despite the distance or hurdles to get there), respond to your mails (mentors, colleagues or protégées), visit your parents, or go for your children’s open/visiting day, you have not only pointed to where your commitments lie but also and perhaps much more your values. Where your real heart is. What makes you, you! Amen!

It is proven that nothing worth doing is done successfully because it is convenient. It is usually because we are committed.

Make no mistake, convenience is good, but not a very good pointer or definition for our core values. Things that rank in priority must be done not of convenience but of commitment.

Serving in a department, in your community, checking on the home work of your wards/children. Spending time with family, reading your bible, sharing the gospel and other things of temporal or eternal significance must rise in scale and priority today in our lives to occupy a higher level of value – backed with actions and commitment.

You know, excellence is a function of commitment. Generally it’s strenuous for the average person. But commitment makes us go the extra mile.

Mediocre(s) will do only convenient things. Excellence pays a price. The currency is first in commitment before it pays in other currencies or values.

Are you an excellent person or a mediocre? Your commitments and actions hereafter will help to answer the question, that’s if you do not already have an answer for yourself.

Do you have contributions, please feel free to share.

Till we read again, Please Remain God’s Pride! Amen!

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