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Early as a younger Christian, I always queried sensationalism. Then we had some we often addressed as ‘spiri-Koko’ (meaning sensational spiritual brethren). They sometimes give off their ‘spiritualism’ (sensational spirituality) in different ways. Sometimes they wear tightly fitted jackets (coats- lol) and sometimes the sisters literarily looked like sculptures. (No animation of ear rings or make ups) Lol!

Young as I was then, I always revolted against anything that made us as Christians laughable.

I trained myself to believe the born again child of God was not to be a laughing stock but a shining example. We are meant to ensure that many come to the knowledge of the saving grace of God through the flavour of our lifestyle. Amen!

Soon it became increasingly difficult to inspire followership from the average new (would be) convert, because the spirituality projected in that dispensation seemed to lack relevance and perhaps value.

Spirituality here refers to our expression/integration of our lifestyle as Christians into contemporary life. Both in conduct and in conversations.

Many times (especially then and sometimes even now) we were/are caught trying to spiritualize almost everything including a basic discussion or with a situation as basic as getting descriptions to an address or turning the lights out/on. The devil is a liar! Lol!

Meanwhile, Jesus who introduced himself as the way, the truth and life made candid efforts to plug us into the zones of relevance. Himself leading by example.

He was at a party in Cana of Galilee and they needed wine, (Whether alcoholic or not you tell). He was not only spiritual to say it was wrong to drink, but made His spirituality relevant and valuable not only to be approachable but also helpful by turning their pots of water into wine. He did the same with the miracle of the five loaves and two fish to feed over five hours and people. More than once, again and again with succinct and sufficient examples.

He used His spirituality to help avoid a flop at a party, a hunger parade and many more situations.

Joseph also used his gift of interpretation as useful and relevant to avoid a global starvation. He used it to boost the economic relevance of Egypt to the entire world.

Daniel and his friends also did something similar by staying in the cabinet of office at different times and in different capacity because their spirituality was indeed valuable.

People will always listen and submit when our spirituality helps them and not condemn them.

The gospel that must change the world must be relevant to people’s real world and needs and valuable to their lives in pragmatic terms as much as possible, while still being eternally conscious. Amen!

As a Christian artist, be relevant, be valuable. As a pastor, be approachable. Don’t just live in a cloud of no relevance to the people you have been mandated to save.

It may sometimes require us coming down from our lofty horses or heights (spirituality) and connect with the people on a plane they can feel identified with.

Is your spirituality touching base with the needs of real people? It may be gradual but it is a sure way to be effective in the declaration of the gospel.

Are there thoughts you’d like to share on this subject? Please feel free to share within the reply or below. Thanks.

Till we read again, Please Remain God’s Pride! Amen!

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