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“Are you still there”, if you are still there say “ahan ahan”, “somebody shout Hallelujah!” are some of the very common phrases we say as pastors to get an unbroken concentration necessary for knowledge sharing at most christian gatherings.

I usually joke about how some listeners maybe closing windows in their various homes while seated in church. As many things contend for our attention, we must as much as is possible always secure unbroken concentration to attain maximum comprehension on any discuss.

In the same vein we need to also go beyond our visiting a beautiful church to participating in the church and ministry. And by extension anything that is worth our while, don’t just be present, participate.

To participate simply means be involved. To be emotionally present in an activity or organization or person.

Don’t be an on looker. Disinterested and disconnected. Why come to affirm your disapproval? Rise to the task and participate one way or the other. Ask questions, make contributions, dance during the sessions for such. Say Amen, say Hallelujah. Open your bible and underline (even if you have it on a projector).

Really and truly, many people may have offered a mediocre response to their own personal lives and have somehow made away with it and have now begun to extend such compromise to their christian walk and faith in God. Even some have become relevant rising out of the administrative needs of the church to have been made leaders of some sort.

I charge you this day, be diligent with yourself. Demand a standard of excellence of yourself and be willing to pay the price for it.

By participation I’m actually promoting that you and I should have a sense of ownership to the church we belong to. Don’t just attend, make others attend. Don’t just give, make others do so and you all, generously. Understand what it’s about. Make yourself feel welcome.

People who own things of themselves take no pleasure in making the effort of others ruin to waste. They understand the ‘difficulty ratio’ of what it takes to get your own thing running. They realize that the organizers of an event aren’t ‘jokers’ even if they are comedians. There’s a clear sense of understanding that demands a level of ownership they share that makes then participate through the event or organization.

So, get excited, not only to go to church. But to participate. Pay attention. Be mind present. Be spirit alert and body agile. Participate. Get involved.

While it will be lovely to have people participate naturally; this comes to those with whom it does not come natural. And whatever does not happen naturally can happen deliberately. Abi?!

Till we read again, be blessed and Please Remain God’s Pride! Amen!

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