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“I am not on Facebook…Really…what am I doing there?!” Instagram is for all these small small children. I am not on WhatsApp sef and so on and so on…! #WHEDONESIR !!! Lol! (A trending skit on instagram that I get to laugh to every now and again)

I am not exactly sure if it is a way of sounding cool or ‘focused’ but it beats me when someone who is supposed to be a leader or at least an influencer of some sort prides himself in being unlisted and perhaps disconnected from mediums and platforms to engage and make contact with the people he is meant to influence. The vast public.

The attitude is not only reticent but unnecessary. In the avoidance of following trends many steer out of relevance. They may later join after like five to ten years of firmly rejecting it; someday you see them connecting much after the world has advanced way ahead.

Although faintly, I recall the story where a lady was being advised to add the knowledge of computer to her typewriting skills. She will type in the upward of 35wpm with about 60% accuracy on the manual typewriter then. And became reluctant to engage in the direction of the future. To understand and be abreast of IT trends and softwares. Well, like you may rightly guess before long she was no longer relevant and of course laid off.

Today, I write to say stop the dilly dally. Procrastination is the thief of time. If you will learn to engage in the dynamics of life including ‘coping’ with the barrage of social media challenges, you’d not only learn a lot you’d probably also be more effective in the things you do in life.

Excellent people get into the mainstream of things and seamer the steam, weather the storm and stay there. You can’t keep staying sidelines whether to engage or not.

Oh so you mean you will someday still engage in what you once condemned? Will you consider what you’d be like if you had engaged earlier. And even now you have chosen to engage you are still dilly dallying, hesitating and complaining…’me I don’t know how to use this thing…’ I tell you that’s not an excellent spirit. Get in and get a grip!

See the trends as tools you need to be effective with. Don’t always see it as a distraction. Realize there may many positive things you could impart and could be imparted with from a vital connection virtual or physical.

Quickly let me add a balance that anything interesting could be addictive and also could be abused. While we don’t want to be caught up in its addictive influence, we also should not be compelled or feel guilty to withdraw from it if it is not something really useful for you.

So I write this to cater to those who are averse to change generally or flowing with new trends. Try to get a grip of things. It is not a testimony to insist you can’t cope with technology which demands of you a bit of your acumen. Stop the dilly dally and Rise to the challenge(s) of living on earth in a 21st century.

Get on Facebook, on Instagram or on whatever that you prefer (it may even be politics). Lol! You may not need them all nor know how to use them all, but please stop the dilly dally or decline or being averse to technological shifts. See them as tools or you may as well be living in the stone world.

Trust me today’s sacred usually become tomorrow’s mundane.

The world is changing and your unwillingness to change will keep you in the shadows of its progress. Actually as Christians it is our bit to set the trends in the changes that happen to the world. It is our preference for colloquial ways that makes the world leave us behind and now it is us to cope and catch up with them.

Nonetheless please stay in the frame of the light – make the necessary adjustments. Rise to the occasion and again I say please stop the dilly dally in anything worth doing.

Make Progress in Jesus name. Amen!

Till we read again Please Remain God’s Pride! Amen!

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