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“God is dead. God remains dead. And we have killed him. How shall we comfort ourselves, the murderers of all murderers? What was holiest and mightiest of all that the world has yet owned has bled to death under our knives: who will wipe this blood off us? What water is there for us to clean ourselves? What festivals of atonement, what sacred games shall we have to invent? Is not the greatness of this deed too great for us? Must we ourselves not become gods simply to appear worthy of it?” -Friedrich Nietzsche

The meaning of the phrase is often misunderstood — many have interpreted that Nietzsche believed in a literal death or end of God. Instead, the line points to the western world’s reliance on religion as a moral compass and source of meaning. As he explains in The Gay Science (Section 125, The Madman):

Nietzsche’s statement prompted several replies from his more religious opponents, and from later existentialists. Albert Camus, for example, considered the human need for higher order absurd. He argued that the “death” of God was inconsequential—that humanity had no need of a higher authority or the threat of divine wrath to live a good and moral life. Some other philosophers were less prepared to part with the concept of higher authority and instead tried to imagine an absolute morality that didn’t depend on a supreme being. (copied – online)

In a moral, common sensical world like ours there is the need to always be certain that you are not ripped of your brain. We want to always be sure that the ‘hypnosis’ of the preacher has not taken effect on us.

We have also seen how there has been more than enough reason to curiously question the authority, sanity and discretion of the conduct of certain men and women who are to represent this God both dead and dying to some.

By each passing day, it appears like the convictions that raised generations no longer have a grip on the current and trending generation.

We have resorted to explanations of miracles rather than allow the mysteriousness of same be the bewildering power of God to bring men to their knees.

Sunday for some have turned to ‘laundry day’. Even some God clearly delivered or who were once delivered have developed the guts to confront their once sacred influencers – pastors and parents alike. Now they speak uncouthly of their priest and or pastor.

How did it ever become so bad that some children, families, societies and even nations have become so disinterested, unimpressed and unpersuadable about the relevance of God in their lives?

Could it be that Satan has improvised a new plan against the return of the master?

Since He (God) insists and prides Himself on being just..and the knowledge of the gospel must reach everyone with a fair chance to at least be introduced to Him to either receive Him or refuse His love and be condemned…and the way to doing this is to reduce the popularity of this God of the Bible. Whom he (Satan) has replaced with other forms for the average man? So that God is no longer as famous as He deserves to be?

Whats more baffling is the way some have also taken it upon themselves to also kill God in their own generation. Not with knives like Friedrich implied, but with their words, lifestyles, values, policies and culture.

It seems to be the mission of some to ensure that any value and culture of God that is not consistent with the logic of their minds and thinking must be jettisoned into extinction. What’s worse is such person often occupy offices of influence and relevance and use such platform to co opt others into their mindset.

This concern is heightened by the global siege Christianity has come under in today’s world. All manner of extremist groups rising with a devotion to killing Christians and we all think these persecutions don’t affect us. The intention is to yet come further against us like Herod was proceeding to take Peter after he had killed James and it pleased the enemies of the gospel. Acts.12:1-3.

How and What else do we need to realize that the burden is upon us as custodians of the heritage of this Kingdom of God, to preserve God’s popularity? To enshrine upon our hearts and that of our children eternal precepts that they also may walk therein. Ps.78:1-8. To ensure that we make God famous through all generations like David did in his and beyond. Acts.13:36. 1 Chronicles 28&29.

At what point did your life of faith suddenly stop making sense? Because you have traveled across the Atlantic to the west and refused to come back home; you have given up your heritage of faith to ‘practical common sense’.

Or for another could it be because you have not yet gotten the answers to your prayers you believe God’s relevance must remain limited only to the degree to which He can solve problems for you.

This is madness and it ought to stop or at least be challenged.

The narrative told about God must be corrected. The aspersions against the God and father of our lord Jesus Christ must be stalled.

The financing of the gospel is being harassed by fellow saints and jaguda commentators from the subject of tithing to giving generally. Making room for the contriving argument of generosity to God’s house/work to grow. As if they forget about the administrative/life realities of the a man of God cum the church institution.

They rattle their tongues against the servants of God accusing they all live ostentatious lives. Failing to realize that several other ministers of God wail and wallow in tough and harsh conditions of living because of the lack of generosity which some of this proponents against tithing and other acts of donations and free will offerings have caused.

God deserves the best. While it maybe argued that some men of God may at different times gone overboard there are still a whole lot more who have demonstrated as much decency to their degree of commitment to excellence. Who have been too generous for words. In fact I dare say most of those that are accused have been more effective at making God famous by assisting the less privileged than those who stay on the sidelines just to blow foul whistles.

This too should be acknowledged and commended. Indeed we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against spiritual forces of wickedness in high and deep places.

Anyway, my contemplation is simple and deserves to be stressed. How does our every action or inaction we take help or aid to make our God of the Bible more famous (I.e popular, acceptable and welcome among the society and people).

To make God famous we must be intentional – be deliberate. We must be sacrificial, we must be spiritual and we must be continual. – To be continued.

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