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Every preached message is the execution of an errands man. The bible says people preach because they are sent. Rom. 10:15-17. They are sent among many other reasons so that through the hearing and listening to these men and messages, faith maybe imparted.

Beloved, it’s the continuous listening that helps us build faith in this wild and wicked world of numerous challenges. If therefore you are not listening you maybe forfeiting your access into dimensions of faith in God which is your ticket for victory over every form of oppression.

So this is what you are to do. Gather a series of relevant messages on to your phone or any device that will aid your listening convenience. Start to cherish your listening time. It will build you from within. Your confidence in God is built. They become robust. They stir your heart to pray. It will make you strong. Strong enough to deal with any blow of darkness. And victory will become your experience.

So today the action plan for victory is through listening. Although there are other action steps to our victory but it begins with our faith being in place. This comes by the breathe and inspiration of God upon our spirit. Listening is a very major part of this.

I therefore call you blessed in all ramification. Prosper and excel in Jesus name. Amen!

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