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This conversation on balance has not yet lost its relevance and will never loose it. Because imbalance in anything is tantamount to injustice to that thing. In fact they conveniently render as synonyms.

I do not subscribe to self deception neither do I have any stuff against those who criticize but I’m genuinely concerned if all you see and can say about people,organizations and things are negative then you are unfair and very unjust.

For instance, the church of God. Many see the excesses and the ‘abhorables’ but scarcely see and or say the wonderful marvelous things they are doing. Even some with the claims of revival have not yet appreciated the efforts of the Spirit of God who is building His church already. We take pleasure at criticizing everything, the efforts of our fathers and the negligence of our mothers and miss what God is doing in the pursuit of something greater.

We are in the best days of our lives, I tell you. When phenomenally great things are happening world over. People’s hunger for God is growing and there’s much supply of the spirit of God to individuals and the entire body of Christ. If you are not seeing these things or such people, then you are not living in Goshen.

In Goshen, we see people as good- good people; we see organizations as making progress especially the church. We see the best in the efforts people make towards other people and things.

This is definitely not an invite into self deception but an acknowledgement of the good things that are in us in Christ Jesus. No one genuinely improves under the atmosphere of constant criticism.

Therefore, we must speak and objectively perceive issues. We must not give voice to the whispers of the devil in our heads. We must communicate our faith through the effective acknowledgement of every good thing that is in us in Christ Jesus. Phil.6.

Jesus by His Spirit through His children is building His church, He is not a frustrated person. He is a happy Jesus. And He is not mad up there in heaven as we think. He knows the end from the beginning.

Let’s stop adding steroids to Satan’s offensives and start to communicate the right things God has done and is doing in the lives of people, organizations (especially His church) and in the events happening around us.

Depression has never saved anyone. Please don’t be the harbinger.

Till we read again, regards and Please Remain God’s Pride! Amen!

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