The Ministry

Giving Light, Life and Love to the World!

We are so thankful for the opportunity to share one of the greatest messages of all with individuals, families and communities all over the world. This ministry is committed to helping people from all walks of life experience the light of God’s unconditional love, life and unending hope found only in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.”

We are sharing these forces with the world by providing the basic necessities of food, clothing and medical supplies to those in need. We are using electronic, internet media and new technologies to reach others with the Good News of the gospel. We are dedicated to helping people everywhere be inspired and rediscover their true identity and purpose in life.

Reaching the Unreached, Telling the Untold

Several Listen, Several Are Watching

God is doing amazing things through our ministry. We are in effort to reach over 50 million homes across nations of the world. Lives are being changed, relationships are being restored and communities are being transformed by the power of God and the message of Light, Life and Love that is being broadcast through this ministry.

The Bible says that “faith comes by hearing the Word of God”, because of your support, we are able to make resources available to millions around the world.

Going Into All The World

Healing and Health

Alexander Faranpojo Ministries is involved in healing and health programs. Through the effective combination of medical breakthroughs and faith teachings from the Word of God, we are reaching out to several who are troubled in their health and body. Jesus has granted us the authority in His name to restore healing and health back to all men.
Thank you for making a decision to help us reach the unreached and tell the untold the Good News of the gospel.

Peace and Prosperity

An extension of the ministry to Healing and Health is the message of Peace and Prosperity. Peace in life involves the unshaken guide and experience of the Spirit of God as we follow through on our purpose(s) in life. Peace in itself may not be the absence of challenges as victory is not possible until it is over adversity. Peace is the stability of times and seasons by the steadfast guide of the Holy Spirit in spite of the turbulence. God wants us to prosper. This is the heritage of the righteous. God has given us a chance to help men and women discover purpose, peace and prosperity. Once more thank you for helping us bring smiles across the faces of many who need this reassuring Word.