Alexander Faranpojo

An Inspiration to Millions

Reverend Alexander Faranpojo

Alexander Faranpojo is the president and founder Virtues International Ministries which has its relevance and impact in both the ministry and industrial worlds.

Alexander operates a vibrant itinerary and Church based ministry from and in the city of Lagos. While the itinerary ministry is operated by the support and partnership of men and women all over the world, the Church, Virtues Christian Centre is based in the city of Lagos, Nigeria for which he currently serves as the founder and senior pastor.

Located in the heart of the nation’s commercial capital, Virtues Christian Centre, started in 2008, is one of the most stable and vibrant growing Churches in Lagos,

Nigeria. With an evolving target growth of 77,000 people, the Church advances towards getting a settled location called Hebron from which Kings and Queens will reign and possess the lands.

His weekly broadcast are seen and heard by many with attendant testimonies following.

In 2011, his first book, Freedom’s Quest (2003), was revised and re titled, “Now That You Are Born-Again – Maximize Christianity”. Other books released includes “Moments of Virtues” – (a compendium of the Radio Program messages), and the best seller “Making Love Work.(Vol.1)”.

Alexander is indeed a highly respected minister of the Gospel, attended.

A New Vision For The New Millennium

Reverend Alexander’s extraordinary success can be found in his core message:

That our God is a good God who has blessed us with His very essence and life through faith in Christ Jesus. It goes ahead to empower us to establish His relevance in governance in every sphere and influence of human life and endeavor to the end that we may be God’s Pride with the evidence of influenced lives.

It is Alexander’s deepest desire that his own life be an example of what it means to be God’s Pride with evidence of influenced lives. That everyone who hears this message of Light, Life and Love would choose to accept God’s grace to become God’s Pride with the evidence of lives.