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It is increasingly important to graduate from every form of weakness or other avenues adversaries use to take us out. With a quick sense of urgency we must upgrade our warfare strategy.

The enemy has long time demonstrated intelligence beyond our naivety as believers.
He has used the weaponry of self destruct among several others to construct battles against us. He has fought us using situations and or circumstances that sharply contrast the values we represent and defend.

For example knowing that integrity means something to you as a believer, he (satan) is willing to create situations that may make you borrow and not be able to pay back as when due.

Now if you are like me who was raised with a value against borrowing, you may appreciate how much it takes to dare to borrow in the first place. Let alone now meeting situations where almost all your plans do not go as planned and determination to pay back or pay up does not deliver on the promise. Then you will be faced with the ridicule of looking dumb and denying the resolve of your values and deepest convictions.

We have seen many a good men fall victim to situations that overwhelm them, enough to reconsider their faith and stewardship to the lord Jesus.

You see the thing about convictions is that it takes time to form them – to arrive there. They were not reached overnight in a quick emotional fantasy. And anytime anyone of our values disintegrate it poses a valid threat on every other principle we like to claim to uphold.

For example if we for some reason can doubt the integrity of the first law of motion, then we can as well doubt every other law of motion.

The danger of the faith of a believer failing (if ever it does) could be so rescinding that it may unseat the other areas of convictions, resolves and indeed faith living that believer has put in place to guard and conduct his life and affairs.

Satan does take advantage of this to threaten us. He wants you to get stuck in the execution of your faith in one area of life, so you may just as well conclude that maybe this faith thing may not be working after all. And possibly resolve to making a new alternative to the faith life.

But the devil is a liar. We are not ignorant of his devices. And whether or not we do not get our plans right, we refuse to give up in the face of challenges. We have been trained to know that the problem is not from God, His Word or His Spirit; but an adjustment to a wisdom approach or a manifestation of God in power or priming of a relationship that will make the one time failed projection become a done and dusted activity in the earth.

If this conversation resonates in you let me share a few tips that I have observed that may be useful to help you through perplexing situations of life.

– BE FLEXIBLE IN LEARNING AND PRONTO IN APPLICATION: Don’t spend forever mourning an experience or event. Don’t take your self too seriously. Train yourself never to let a person, a people or an event redefine your person and or values. It can disintegrate a generation if permitted. It is perhaps too much power to give to either three of them to control your destiny. Take the learning and move on. Let the Word of God and your deepest convictions seat, yet be ready to unseat anything that the spirit of God highlights in your life you need to adapt to and apply into your life with immediate effect.

– BE EXPOSED: Too much Isolation will lead to desolation. Even in a building, places that are visible are more remembered than the ones not visible. Promotion is (arguably) remembered more for those whose works are more visible than those whose works are not. If you stay alone in your corner believing the world is flat, you would be too pained to discover that a little more exposure will change your mind about this far more quickly and you did not need to have spent time developing convictions on wrong or sometimes foolish conclusions.

– BE PERSISTENT: I have long learnt the biblical conclusion that the unjust judge and the Neighbour who was asked for bread to entertain his guests were answered for their persistence and not just because their request was valid or not. Ultimately do not loosen your bolt of resolve to succeed, grow or accomplish or achieve that set desire. Go for it. Keep adjusting. Refuse to confirm, be transformed all through. I heard a saying sometime ago, might not always be accurate but sometimes I think it fits. Get Rich, or die trying. Be expectant of your desire. Be persistent. We would reap if only we faint not.

– BE PRAYERFUL: Prayer points to the fact that one looks up to a higher power. Prayer suggests the invitation of this higher power to help. Prayer among other things also makes the situations and circumstances that favor you stay unshaken. Beloved, I charge you to give heaven a reason to intervene by raising a voice in the earth in prayer. Things may not always go the way we plan but prayer makes the plan go and the way that will work for our good.

– BE PRINCIPLED: Some contradictory situations show up in our lives because we are not as principled as we should be. For example, when you project carelessly uncouth words and identify with people who do the same, one may find life bringing contradictions into one’s space. If you dishonor people, parents, prophets and claim because you are persistent and prayerful things should always work you maybe mistaken. Be principled to delay gratifications. Be principled not to beg. Be principled not to borrow.(I know this could be tough but sure worth it). Be principled not to sow into others what you don’t want to see in your life. Be principled to see only the best of others. This is amazing that even some unchurched are more principled than many of us faith folks.

Be a grandmaster. The kicks of life will come in very aggressive ways and pace, but when a grandmaster fights, he is trained to know all the wiles of the enemy. Without a rehearsed fight of movement or motion, he knows what to do at the next intelligent stroke of his adversary. He is not only skilled but also swift.

Make your convictions count for something. Bring them into the practical space of life. Test them and help strengthen the other convictions of life from the wealth of your experiences.

Regards and Please Remain God’s Pride! Amen!

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