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Here and now, we stand to witness the rising of the Nigerian youths. A demography of people who did not witness much (if at all) any of the military rule. They don’t cower. They don’t know intimidation. Free thinkers. Soro soke people. Mad o! Lol! 

They have just simply refused to succumb to intimidation. 

They have used both their agility and technology in the best possible of ways good and bad. 

They have fought quietly but now loudly the injustice perpetuated to them. 

No one can stop them now, largely because they have had enough of the malady called #sarsbrutality. 

Yet, the government offers the swop card. From #SARS to #SWAT. The humor here is epic. Changing the skin of the leopard, does not change the leopard. 

In fact, that’s where the problem lies. The problem is not in the preferred nomenclature, but in the systemic error of poor or outright absence of #valueforthehumanlife on the part of the government. 

What is the value of the life of a Nigerian? 

When we meaningfully demonstrate value for human life, it does not matter the name we call it, there will be no call such as this for its end. #endPOLICEbrutality now. 

Today, we stand at the precipice of history as we watch an indefatigable breed of Nigerian youths demanding what almost all other generations could not demand. They have organized themselves all around the country in the most complex/dynamic ways yet without a focal leader. Everyone is leading. Everyone is cleaning. It’s a moment to seize in history. It’s a great time to be alive. 

Therefore let each one do his bit. The comrade call is for all. While the brutality may not have gotten to all, this level of disgust for the #policebrutality especially, seems like a monster that is coming for all only in a matter of time. 

We must do the much we can. From corporate speeches to tweeter punches. From prayer room to the aluta field. If you can’t come, watch. If you can’t watch, listen. You must identify with a cry this loud. It’s obviously louder than the #EndSars movement. 

It will seem if we get this right, we may leverage on the beachhead of #EndSarsNow to end many other ills now. We may let the demands for reform extend to a complete overview of the system that birthed #sarsbrutality. We may just as well have a complete new Nigeria. Would we? Can we? 

In our lifetime, May Nigeria be great again. May the labor of our heroes past not be in vain. 

It shall come to pass. It shall come to pass…in our lifetime. So help us God. Amen! 

Please Remain God’s Pride! Amen! 

Rev. @afaranpojo @alexanderfaranpojo.

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