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When things happen to us, we must let them move us forward rather than keep us on a standstill or worse regress. The way we take our experiences or events could either leave us with a regrettable memory or an empowered one. 

Getting things done, making strides and efforts require our soul and entire being. When things go as planned, we certainly feel reinforced. But when things go south, they could be very energy sapping. And will leave in us an experience you may not be happy to repeat or reencounter.

If you do not handle this emotion of pain especially well, you may never want to return to that activity even though it may be very useful for your life and productivity. 

For example, the pain of discipline from say exercises. Or trying to help someone. Or a volunteer service. Peradventure any of the activities of these examples does not turn out as expected, one may be more than reluctant to return to them.

Yet, these are things that we necessarily should do. Exercise, helping others or volunteer services. It therefore becomes a thing of prayer that our memory and experiences should not deter us from keeping at what is right. 

In the light of these, below are some things you can do to help manage your outcomes, so you do not for pain or regret sake forfeit your opportunity to help or do what is necessarily helpful for others. 

  1. Recognise and understand yourself and the possible boundaries at which the sense of pain/regret is triggered.
  2. Act generously without expecting returns from those to whom you serve
  3. Do the much you can without following up from the recipient.
  4. After doing what you must/can, expect the worst response but appreciate right responses as a pleasant surprise

The whole logic here is to lower the expectations you have from people so the pain/regret that can come from the experience is not wrenching. 

Finally, like exercises, the disappointing feeling or pain may come from the activity itself. Which daunts you from the willingness to repeat again. In this instance, you could use the good company of a coach to stay the course. At other times, an accountability friend may serve. Other times, especially for personal motivation you can use the reward of the course to stay at it. Many times if the reward is worth it, it can motivate the individual.

So, handle pain/disappointments, poor treatment and the other likes of such discouraging experiences life could dart at us well. In so doing you’d reap a harvest both here and beyond. 

God bless you. Amen!

Please Remain God’s Pride! Amen!


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