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Until you live for something greater than yourself, you will never know the true meaning of living a fulfilled life. 

The opportunity to live for a meaningful cause is one that must never be taken lightly. 

However, living for this cause will only find such attention in a person in whom already lies the potentates of such a value. Who can recognize the worth of such a cause enough to pursue it even at the expense of his life sometimes. 

Such persons have come to know the importance of living beyond themselves. That living for self is a poor investment through life. And that selfless living is the best way to live post generationally. In such people, they automatically give all because there is already greatness in them. 

May the greatness in you find expression in Jesus name.

Living for a vision requires that you demonstrate commitment. Commitment is a matter of life and sometimes death.

We all have things, purposes, or people that can or already compel such level of commitment from us. People whose lives and legacies are worth living for. 

Sometimes these people are not perfect. They are sometimes bereft of one thing or the other like all of us, could be morally, socially, or anyway we choose to consider. Yet their conduct and lifestyle is able to compel their followers to abandon themselves for such a compelling vision. 

What makes people do this? What role does leadership have to play in this phenomenon?

Today and briefly so, we will briefly speak to two major reasons why this happens.


People follow a leader who is able to communicate clearly a compelling vision and objective to a people. When people believe they follow. But they believe someone who is vulnerable. They believe someone who is willing to be vulnerable. 


The second reason why people can be this sacrificial and selfless in life is because of a personal motive and purpose. This happens when the individual accepts the responsibility as His life’s essence and calling. Sometimes, they are ready to pay the ultimate price in death. 

In the case of Christ, the purpose of His life was to die so that through His death we might live. His purpose was achieved, as well as the fact that he offered us a clear vision to live for. 

Have you found a leader? Or have you found a personal purpose that keeps you committed? Have you found a compelling vision?

Be blessed and Please Remain God’s Pride! Amen!

Rev @afaranpojo @alexanderfaranpojo

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