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As we grow in knowledge and doctrine we must always ensure that we do not let the entrants of something new or ‘deep’ derail us from the known standards of our christian faith.

There are landmarks to our Christian faith that must not be removed. They ascertain us to the ‘rest’ we have from and in God. Jer. 6:16. Amen!

The availability of technology today has provided us with a lot of information (and yes indeed revelation) sometimes for which may be too large for digestion. At other times even too much for consumption.

These information may be supplied from respectable persons who seek to share their thoughts on an issue…my recommendation from experience is to ensure you take those thoughts, own them before practicing them.

These knowledge put out are like armours for which if they have not been proven may wreck more havoc than good to them who unskillfully try to apply them to their lives.

For example, I know of some pastor, a beloved friend of mine who at some point became weary of the ministry of prayer he has as a christian and as a priest for God’s people and to God Himself. He sort of considered it less necessary to spend elongated time in Prayers. This was largely because he unprofitably wrestled with the doctrine of the finished works of Christ and the dominion of the word of faith; claiming every promise of God to us is voice activated as established by the Word which is exalted far above all His name. So he felt less about prayer than he use to at the beginning of his ministry.

Honest man, but thoroughly misled through the preponderance of a certain emphasis which does not match his understanding of the righteousness of God. It were better he took his time not to run off tangent with a certain understanding all in the claims of seeking or discovering something new or even ‘true’.

Dear Minister, you must refuse to ever let any kind of knowledge overwhelm you, or maybe even over impress or ‘oppress’ you.

Truth be told, on any issue of doctrine or revelation of the Word, we ALL at our very best, know in part and we understand in part.

So the first point is don’t just take knowledge because they are new and ‘delicious’ thoughts…Feed on them only because they are healthy for your soul and spirit.

The second point I wish to highlight here is the never ending ministry of prayer we have received by being in Christ Jesus.

What then is the ministry of prayer we have received? Better still why should we pray as new testaments kings and priests?

Jesus said to pray for more than just one reason.

From scriptures there are prayer points to pray about, different types of prayer and there are reasons why we must pray generally.

At one time He Jesus urged that we pray the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into the vineyard. Matt. 9:38. At another place He said we should pray that we do not fall into temptation. Luke 22:40&46. We also pray to articulate and align to the will of God in the lives of others and ourselves. Col.1:9. We pray to build up ourselves upon our most holy faith, here we pray in the Holy Ghost. Jude.1:20. among several other reasons why we must pray. Amen!

By the day it becomes more obvious that God’s work on the earth is made easier and prospers when we pray. A christian who is sparse in his prayer culture may not witness the highest of heaven’s plans.

Prayer will filter fatal friends and events away from happening in and to your life. Prayer will make the atmosphere within and without in your life become serene. It will co-opt the will of men to do you good. And debar demoniacal forces from operating within your space to cause you loss of any sort.

You may be very worded and good intentioned but without effectual prayer you may not witness much in and around your life.

Now for this prayer, let me say it is more effective and effectual when you make this ‘prayer fire’ amongst your friends or if you wish company.

Praying among those you know your faith resonates together will go a mightier long way to bring joys to your lives.

So like I said in the previous article, that there’s no short cut to the demands to pray. It’s a culture like breathing. And the emphasis in this period where love is being also emphasized is a sure signal that the power of God is set to do phenomenal things in and around us. Amen!

I commend you therefore to God and to the word of His grace, able to build you up and give to you an inheritance among those that are sanctified.

Till we read again, Please Remain God’s Pride! Amen!

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