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The scourge of being misunderstood could be very disturbing particularly for a man or woman with whom integrity means something to.

It might be from a creditor friend, to a revengeful family member or even a colleague at work place. The feeling is one and the same…Embarrassment; (def:) a feeling of self-consciousness, shame or awkwardness.

For the moments when we live as imperfect people, trust me, we will have to deal, once and again, with this sore feeling of misrepresentation from time to time.

I call it a scourge because it really is. It is both an instrument and impostor of pain and sometimes disgrace. . In fact at times the table is turned against you, such that in our ‘sincerity’ you gullibly fall into the hands of the accuser, who will stop at nothing with accusations to shred you in pieces or pull you into the mud fight. This could be very embarrassing and confusing.

My contemplation is to suggest a few tips on how to deal with really embarrassing situations. Been involved in a few, not sure if it is over either…lol, but here a few tips:

1. SELECT AND UNDERSTAND YOUR FIGHT: Going forward you must be deliberate to understand the impart of living life as a Christian without the garment of joy. Satan knows this and ensures he brings men clothed in flesh and blood to ruffle your ‘high’ so as to get and keep you depressed and embarrassed. A good response is to know when a conversation is not just ‘normal’ but an unlawful engagement of ‘principalities and powers’ fronting with the individuals concerned. In that case don’t bother winning the battle publicly. Win it in the spirit. Eph.6:12.

2. GET THE BALANCE: Do not always take yourself or the situation too seriously nor too casually. A fair assessment as suggested above will help you know how to regulate your involvement. It seeks to produce a bile of offense in you so you must not let it. At the same time you must not treat it with kids gloves else the situation will escalate right before you and blow up in your face. Also, don’t take your name too greatly or too carefully, else it will behest your ego and soil your person. Satan knows your value for integrity and will seek to set your ‘inadequacy’ against your ‘integrity’. Do not condemn yourself by what you approve. Rom. 14:21-23.

3. PRAY AND REJOICE: every successful event reinforces itself for another success. It is not the immediate win we should cherish but the ultimate. Beyond the moment right there and then, we must seek to secure a longer lasting victory through our faith expressed in our prayer and ability to cause changes and turn every affliction into a compensation. You must pray. Not for the persons concerned to die but that the wisdom of God might be revealed in that same thing that was to eat you up. Once that is done, let go, let God. Go ahead and rejoice for out of the eater shall come something to eat, out of the strong shall come something sweet. It indeed shall turn to you and I for a testimony. Luke21:13.

I believe Heaven’s best will come to us as we strive to keep ourselves guarded with a garment of joy at all times. In our good and not so good times. In our perfect and not so perfect times. Stay focused not all about your self but strive and contend for your faith.

Don’t fight with swines. Not only will you find it difficult to tell the difference but while the ‘pig’ was made for such embarrassing condition, you and I were not.

I pray that never again will we let the rights and privileges of redemption go to waste in Jesus name. Amen!

I call you blessed.

Please Remain God’s Pride! Amen!

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