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The Christian faith has its tenets. Recall that the first principle was to ‘zero your mind’.

To zero your mind will mean, you admit this is the life you want to live now and you will need to embrace it with all your heart.

The life of faith in Christ is not one to be lived with doubt or contempt. It requires a joyful resolve. No hanky-panky. No over spirituality also. It’s a real life. A life in gratitude for the mercies of God. Mercies that overwhelm your imperfections and lightens your path through the many curves you are bound to encounter.

Once again, I urge you to please zero your mind. Decide this is the life of God. It is and will remain one of God’s most precious gifts to you.

The second of the principle is to connect with the ‘Right lineage’. This is very important. It is true that the first people to host or receive you into a city my define the rest of your experiences in that city or endeavor.

God will definitely set you into a Christian Family. Prayerfully consider this. Do not be self led on this. Let God guide you delicately. The way it works is that you may have to worship in a church along side with your host. Always make it a point of duty to stay close to the ministry that led you to Christ. Soon, God will order your steps.

However you will have to grow by yourself. It requires you studying the Word of God and praying by yourself. Yes, the pastor is there to teach you all the ways of God. Lead you in prayers but He is not to do everything for you.

Our fellowship with God must remain personal and very intimate. Three very vital areas/subject of your focus should be on 1. Faith in its entirety. 2. The Holy Spirit and how to be led by God. 3. The missionary life of the believer. a.k.a soul winning.

Closely related to the issue of Right Lineage is finding your own company.

In Acts.4:23. It says they went to their own company. There should be friends God must have planted to help you grow. As Iron sharpens iron, so should such friends sharpen your countenance. Pro.27:17. May you locate them and may they locate you in Jesus name.

Find a mentor. Find a mentee. Find your calling. Pursue your calling. Stop looking everywhere. Your calling is within not without. Stay at your desk and compare your within with your without.

Over everything dear saint of God. Take a life of prayer and walking in love very seriously. Your prayer Life must not be about just yourself. You must find yourself praying for others. Praying for strength for your assignment and praying for the message.

With regards to love, it must be expressed in generosity of giving, forgiveness of wrongs and acts of sacrifices and selflessness.

Lastly, never give up. Never use your mouth to say what you don’t want to see in your life. NEVER!!!

Otherwise till we talk again, Please Remain God’s Pride! Amen!

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