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Any honest person will like some level of comfort and certainty or guarantee to his/her efforts in producing expected results.

It is very important to know how to ascertain desired results in our personal spheres. This is why sometimes people get desperate about their desires. They want to know for sure how to get results in their lives. And don’t doubt it results are very important. Hope this is easy to agree with. Amen!

Many times as believers it appears we sometimes (arguably) don’t always get what we wish for (at least so it appears). Where this is the operative mindset in the individual concerned we want to come to the point of logical safety that our faith is ‘fireproof’ and unfailing. Sure enough as the daylight sun, that what we have desired, what we anticipate, or prayed for will certainly come to pass.

Sometimes even ‘honest’ men resort to going fetish out of desperation just to get their desires out into reality. Some resort to trado natural medicine in the claims of using natural therapy. (If you get the joke) Lol!

All these steps are taken all in the bid to get results. The point is people need results to avoid insults in life: and wish to know of a definite certainty that their ‘igbekele o ni ja si asan’ (i.e their faith is not in vain and will not fail them).

If you have ever been here where results and definite answers are important to you; and considering that most of our needs revolve around money, miracles, healing and health. I have a few observations and suggestions that may help strengthen our certainty in Christ Jesus when you pray or trust God for stuff.

Be blessed in Jesus name. Amen!

Zero Your Mind

This is one decision every serious christian must make consciously. The decision to make up his or her mind once and for all to admit that you are now a christian and will go by the tenets and ‘guides’ of the Christian faith especially if generating results is important to you. Just know it, if God be God then let’s serve him the way He has laid down. No need to oscillate between two motions.

It seems all the more clearer to me that the secret of life in Christ is when one is ready to face the worst. Where death or terror is no longer a threat. Where shame has lost its influence and does not bug us anymore. Where one is ready to loose his life and say like Queen Esther, ‘If I perish I perish’. Then we begin to see the power and the glory of the life of christ revealed in us. This life and glory is only revealed when one crosses this line and boundary in his thought and resolve. This disposition makes one single minded. It produces the power to commit to the demands required. Jesus puts it this way in Matthew 6:22 ‘The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.’

You can not be doing things the way you like in an unchristianly way (either living recklessly or essentially not plugging properly to the principle of faith) and expect to get christian or faith results. You and I have to keep to the practice of principles that will work in this new kingdom. Sometimes we want to keep to the practice of our known principles. Inability to decide what methods we wish to get the result. Either by hustling or by ‘faithing’.

Just for specific clarity the method of getting results in this kingdom of God is Faith. In other words zero your mind that you’d develop your faith. It is God’s way or no way. This closes every other entry of doubt or the mischief of the devil to deceive.

In reality, we can receive from God through miracles or principles. Miracles as it were are not within our control and we may not be able to reproduce them exactly and predictably. There is therefore the science of miracles called principles. That science in manner of speaking is the faith obtained in and from the Word of God. This is repeatable and predictable at will. Amen!

To be continued.

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