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There is no meddling with the importance of inspiration either in 2008 or 2018. We must keep the understanding clear. We must make our own story. A story that is true and void of too much mist. A story that is loaded with inspiration and helps us appreciate where we must never stop ‘drinking’ from.

Inspiration is food for the Soul and Spirit. Just as information inspires the soul, revelation inspires the human spirit. Perhaps food, pride (ego/beauty) and sex may motivate the human body. But the place of information and revelation are paramount in the affairs of staying ahead of the game of Life regardless of what field you find yourself.

Recently, I saw a picture on social media, illustrating the various transformation phases the Mercedes Benz brand and product has gone through to stay relevant through generations. The secret is not far fetched I guess. It is held in consistent inspiration that feeds their products and indeed the entire vision of the company.

We must always be inspired to greatness and indeed great things. We must never loose connect with the source(s) of our inspiration else we loose relevance. Someone once said, Be inspired or expire. If you are not connected you may loose the connection you have to people and relationships. This is very important. And life is actually all about relationships.

To be inspired means to be filled with the requisite energy to get certain things done or going.

An organization, family, relationships, leadership, individual must always stay inspired. Enough said about the justification for inspiration. Selah.

So what and where do you get inspired?

In a world of social media, a world of reality tv shows, and very loud Twitter handles, there is so much to occupy the uninspired mind by the inspired.

I am talking about being inspired in the sense of inspiration and not just entertaining you but influencing your next line of actions and thoughts.

To create content, you need to be inspired. You need a high. You need to be introspective as well.

We must discover our stream and source of inspiration. The first recommended source for inspiration for a believer is the interaction of the Spirit of God with the Human spirit.

Other good sources of inspiration are from books, films and documentaries, trips, genius minds as well as history among an inexhaustible list.

Inspiration motivates. It keeps you bubbly and robust with energy. It is the secret of the achiever. Your inspiration speaks to your motives. Your inspiration is very key. Are you inspired?

There is a difference between being inspired and being entertained.

The entertained person may see an architectural design and be very impressed. But the inspired will often see such designs and may draw from such wealth to also create along side. These are two classes of people in our world today. Some who find true connections and inspiration and others who find ticklish entertainment.

So as you listen to that song, does it inspire you to sing yours. As you listen to that message, are you inspired to action.

One of the true test if inspiration has taken place in an individual is the propelling to action it places on the inspired individual, family, organization or government.

Inspired people therefore will most likely be leaders. Because they will take action. Leaders at all levels must be and stay inspired to take the people and organizations they lead to places they see in their mind and or spirits eye.

Are you inspired? Is your family or organization inspired ? Is your government inspired?

Please share your thoughts. Thanks and let’s make humanity better! Amen!

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