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When there is an increased emphasis on a particular subject of the Scriptures locally or globally, it is very safe to believe that God is putting forth His thoughts for the now into the heart of His children.

This emphasis is made through the songs we preach, the sporadic and random reoccurrence of the issue (with no prior knowledge of the other speakers and even other unconventional platforms such as traditional or new media platforms) further help to reiterate its relevance and perhaps urgency: In this case that Love is indeed the greatest of them all. 1 Cor. 13:13.

Last month, we hosted two of our frontline mentors in a morning and evening prophetic program.

The sunday just before they came, for our ministry – VIRTUES, the Spirit of God had begun to prompt me in the direction of the subject of love again. How that it is important to foster a vibrant love walk and works just as much or even higher than one does for prayer. (we were running a stretch on our prayer culture)

Then, at the program dubbed ‘Double Impact’, those who came would have thought the invited ministers were guided on what to preach about. Aside from the fact that they basically talked about Love, was the spirit of continuity and flow that God gave utterance to through them.

Pastor Poju literally just further emphasized in the evening session what Rev. Victor Adeyemi had preached on in the morning session. And of course they both did not look into each other’s notes. Lol!

For me this is amazing. There is no mistaken about God’s re emphasis -A love perfected life. Amen!

I have been listening to the messages for a while since then, and one day the Spirit of God said to me ‘Love is also emotionally intelligent’. And so, I took out time to listen further and here are some of the conversations on the emotionally intelligent side of Love that the Spirit of God brought to my heart in the period.

– Love is not static. Love is dynamic. ‘It’ is generally active and can be passive when there’s the need to be. It is an intelligent emotion. (Intelligence by itself is the gathering and the right skillful use of such information. While Emotion is related to feelings of oneself or others.)

So ‪‪Emotional intelligence (EI) is the capability of individuals to recognize their own and other people’s emotions, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, we use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one’s goal(s).‬‬
‪‪ -Wikipedia online.‬‬

‪‪We need to always love and live up to and beyond this definition. This as it were‬‬ is ‪‪the customized application of knowledge to an individual‬‬, situation or issue. We are meant to grow in this regard as we also grow in our prayer language and culture.

The book of James is filled with a plethora of examples on this subject of how to interact intelligently with one’s self, situations and especially others.

From learning how to interpret trials and challenges in Chapter One of this book, to how to deal with the hungry brother or sister, to the use our tongue, interacting with various kinds of wisdom and identifying the cause of confusion and every evil work in any given community.

Then in Chapter 4, he contends for our motive in prayer as one of the possible reasons our prayers do not obtain answers and closed in verse 17 about committing a sin (Gk: hamartía) when we forfeit the good we know to do intentionally. In the final chapter, Chapter 5, the author challenged and strengthened the other culture that we must imbibe as saints of the most High God. (Please read James 1-5)

Is it possible that our intelligence gathering of people and issues can be put to better use ? Is it possible to judge more carefully next time our (words or perception) we put out on/to others ? In a conversation are we more interested in being heard, right or simply being healthy about sharing knowledge and gathering the same?

Is the motive of our friendship competitive or riffed with strife? To what advantage have you put the knowledge you have about that brother, sister, pastor or organization ?

After a conversation with you, how much better, safer, healthier or stronger is the other party ?

As leaders and men of God we model patterns of the Christian faith and heritage. This does not necessarily forfeit our right to feel good, catch some laughs and humor ourselves but should never be done at the expense of another person’s dignity or self esteem.

You see walking in love must come alive in our social space and in practical sense. Not only in actions of generosity and giving. Forgiving of people or sacrifice of some sort but also in the words and thoughts we have about people.

It has to become something that we practice intentionally, deliberately from our every day to day life and living. The Word of God says He that has knowledge spares his words, but a man of understanding is of an excellent spirit. Prov. 17:27.

The more you know, the less you are eager to speak (especially derogatorily about others). You speak words as pictures of gold in silver frames. Pro. 25:11.

The Words dripping from you are considerate of the emotions of the other person. It edifies. It is seasoned with intentional and intelligent converse to release grace to its hearers. Col.4:5-6.

Perhaps Jesus captured it in His own phrases by saying, do unto others what you would like others to do unto you. Matt. 7:12. Love your neighbors as yourself. Matt.22:39.

This is a very good yardstick of our human behavior especially as saints. In other words, whatever you project is what will be projected back into your life. Our love life must not be riffed with strife. We must walk across the road to the other side whenever strife seeks our attention by coming to us.

This is all part of the love life we have inherited in Christ. It’s not just a call for good behavior, it’s a call to model the standard for living in any progressive community. A world of love, where people are good people and emotionally intelligent with one another. As brothers, ministers, pastors or even as good friends. See the best in others always. This way we win. Because love never looses or fails. 1 Cor.13:8. Amen!

To be continued.

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