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Boredom is a very terrible thing. You may not know it but boredom has influenced people to do strange things, very strange and sometimes incredible things, believe me.

God made us to be interesting people. When we are not productively engaged we begin to suffer from the syndrome called boredom. This is that tendency to be weary and disinterested in events at a particular time or generally as a lifestyle. We could seek for interest or be interested sometimes in just about anything else, including extremely contrast things.

So the question is how do you maximise or utilize your private times? What kind of things interest you? What do you catch yourself doing with your spare time? What’s the most ‘boring’ yet useful things you find yourself doing daily?

These questions if well answered may bring us to three or more suppositions. 1. That you can avoid boredom by doing what things interest you. 2. That there are some events or activities that maybe ‘boring’ but still very necessary to do them. 3. That boring things can become interesting if you commit to it and develop interest int it for yourself. Things that are boring may soon become interesting.

For example, for some, reading could be boring. Perhaps it is because they have not developed or chosen interest in the art and practice of reading. Or the book they are reading does not resonate with them. What you read or read about is a pointer to where your interests lie or is heading towards.

For some others, reading the Bible is boring. For some sports is. While some others news is boring. But really we soon see that nothing in itself or by itself is boring, it is you the subject that has not yet developed your interests in that regard.

What interests do you have? What passion do you nurture? It therefore really doesn’t matter how much activity is going on around you, if the activity does not interest you, you may still be bored.

So again, we ask what do you do with your spare moments?

You need to fan to flame proper interests. Get interested in things that have a consequence to your life. Be interested in things that portend a future. Get interested in knowing how to deal with people. Get interested in your spiritual life. Get interested in events that impart on your work or how to make money.

It is my prayer that your interests will align with your destiny. Things will become easier for you as you drive yourself in the direction of significance.

God bless you.

Regards and Please Remain God’s Pride! Amen!

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